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2024 KISD Calf Scramble Application Rachel Packman 1/4/2024 21 KB
AET Entry Instructions for Exhibitors Rachel Packman 10/2/2023 1753 KB
Ag Olympics Permission Slip Rachel Packman 9/21/2023 80 KB
Booster Club Car Wash Flyer Rachel Packman 9/21/2023 255 KB
Catalog Ad Sales-GIVE THIS LETTER TO EVERY BUYER Rachel Packman 9/21/2023 878 KB
Chapter Shirts Rachel Packman 9/21/2023 440 KB
FFA Jacket Female Jacket Size Guide Rachel Packman 11/28/2023 1527 KB
FFA Jacket Male Jacket Size Guide Rachel Packman 11/28/2023 1521 KB
How to Write Buyers Letters Rachel Packman 1/26/2023 95 KB
LDE Team Permission Slip Rachel Packman 9/21/2023 44 KB
Thanksgiving Food Fundraiser Rachel Packman 10/5/2023 391 KB
Letter Jacket Application Rachel Packman 2/23/2022 70 KB
Sept FFA Calendar Rachel Packman 9/21/2023 54 KB
September Meeting PPT Sarah Olmstead 9/20/2023 5468 KB
23-24 KISD Rules Meeting Sarah Olmstead 8/29/2023 1387 KB
23-24 General Interest PPT (8/23 Meeting) Sarah Olmstead 8/24/2023 11745 KB
2023-2024 KISD Exhibitor Handbook Sarah Olmstead 8/28/2023 2290 KB



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