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KISD Show Requirements





KISD Exhibitor Handbook


General Rules, Rule 10.


Exhibitor Eligibility-Each exhibitor shall meet the following requirements:

  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date records of expense, income and other pertinent information.
  • Complete 10 community service hours approved by the AST prior to the Livestock Show.
  • In the first year of exhibition, recite the FFA Creed during the first semester of Ag enrollment.
  • First year exhibitors must complete the online Quality Counts Program ( as instructed to do so by the AST and turn in the required documentation on or before the end of 1st semester to their AST.
  • Participate in at least 2 activities above the chapter level.
  • Participate in chapter fundraising activities and have $500 in gross sales annually which must include at least one catalog ag. This entitles each Greenhand (first year) member to a chapter purchased FFA jacket.




  • All of these (with the exception of Community Service hours) must be met by December 16th, the last day full day of the Fall Semester.
  •  The RecordBook, Quality Counts and FFA Creed will be started in class but it is the responsibility of the exhibitor to complete it.
  • Community Service can be done outside of the FFA, however the exhibitor is responsible for letting Mrs. Packman know of any hours completed.
  • Opportunities for activities above the chapter event and fundraisers will be announced in class, on the class calendar, Remind group, parent email and on the chapter website. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to sign up for events.
  • Requirements will be logged and recorded in your Animal Raisers Handbook on the last page entitled Show Requirements Checklist by Mrs. Packman in the Google Sheet so that you can see where you stand and what you have left to complete.


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