Paetow FFA
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About Us

The Paetow FFA Chapter was founded in 2017.

2017-2018: "First Year Fire"

1st Theme: First Year Fire
1st Official FFA Member: Curtis Follett
Founding Leadership Team:
Desiree Amstutz, Ashlyn Pena, Sarah McGee, Curtis Follett, Kerrah Oliver and Drake Ladig
19 Founding Members

1st Lonestar Degree Recipients: Desiree Amstutz, Ashlyn Pena, Sarah McGee and Kerrah Oliver, 2019

Yearly Themes
2017-2018: "First Year Fire"
2018-2019: "Expanding Our Herd, Building Our Brand"
2019-2020:"Obtain the Grain"
2020-2021:"MASK us about Paetow FFA!"

2021-2022: "FRIENDS"



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